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Examples of our digital marketing reviews, website reviews and SEO audits

Here at Loop we know what works online and how to get the best out of the web for marketing. We work with organisations all of the time, seeking to help them to take stock of digital marketing activities, review how well these are working, look for improvements and define what comes next.

Everyone has a website nowadays. Anyone can tweet. And we can all set up a Facebook page and start using it to promote a business. But you may be asking yourself: Is the online strategy my business has undertaken the right one? Are our marketing activities getting the best results?

How we work

First and foremost we will always agree the scope of a review or audit with you, as well as the outputs. We always look to identify areas for improvement. Here are some options (based on our previous work):

A digital marketing review
o Overall strategy, messaging and positioning
o Tactics being used and their effectiveness, including your website, content, social media, email, online PR etc
o Implications for areas of your business, such as reporting and even team structures
o Competitors
o A fuller digital marketing review would most likely include all of the points in Website review and SEO audit below
o This type of review would probably present a longer, more detailed report with a number of clear recommendations

Website review

o Messaging and positioning
o Design look and feel
o Copy and content
o Navigation and user experience
o Customer/sales journey and calls to action
o Hosting, content management platform and integration with other business systems
o A website review would most likely include all of the actions below in SEO audit
o This type of review might present a final report, including a roadmap for developing your website over the coming year(s)

SEO audit

o Technical setup of your website
o Site structure and internal linking
o Use of coded data, such as meta-information and structured markup
o On-site content
o Integration with social media (both on your site and off)
o Back links to your website from other sites
o How well you are building authority and credibility across the web
o Competitor analysis
o This type of audit might involve verbal feedback with a checklist of recommendations produced we could support you to implement

Thinking of taking stock and carrying out an audit or review? We'd love to help you improve.